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Synopsis for "Death Is -- the Yellow Claw"

Continued from last issue... After a day of testing at school, Richard Rider is called by Nick Fury to join SHIELD as Nova in their attempt to foil Yellow Claw's plot to take over the world. He does so just as his father has been arrested for aiding in a robbery for the Inner Circle.

Nova joins SHIELD in a battle the forces of Yellowclaw over the island of Manhattan. During the fight both Nick Fury and Nova are knocked unconscious, and taken prisoner of Yellowclaw. Yellowclaw straps them to a nuclear bomb which Yellowclaw directs at a spy satellite. Being overseen by Dr. Sun, who needs the satellite, overrides the control of the bomb and redirect it.

Angered by this set back, Yellowclaw is pleased when von Voltzmann is able to regain control of the nuclear warhead and direct it towards Washington D.C.


  • Cover art: pencils by either Pollard or Hannigan.

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