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  • Yellow Claw's Psychogun


  • Yellow Claw's Dragon-Sled

Synopsis for "Tidal Wave!"

Nova Vol 1 17 001
Continued from last issue... Strapped to one of Yellow Claw's missiles that is directed at the Capital Building in Washington D.C., Nova uses his powers to redirect the rocket into the Atlantic Ocean and frees himself and Nick Fury.

Returning to New York to attend class, Richard has a falling out with his friends and breaks up with Ginger. Later he goes and visits his father in prison, and is slapped by his mother he rudely insults his father in his situation. Later, Richard is me by Nick Fury and taken back to SHIELD headquarters as Nova. Using SHIELD E.S.P. devices, Nick Fury and Nova determine a way to infiltrate Yellow claw's base.

After saving Samuel Burley and T'Kora, Fury and Nova go after Yellow Claw himself. While Fury and SHIELD fight off Yellow claw's forces and try to stop his tidal wave device, Nova goes after Yellow Claw. Confronting the criminal in his base with von Voltzmann, Yellow claw tries to ease Nova's guard with conversation, all the while planning on blasting the boy with a hidden weapon.

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