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Synopsis for "Blackout Means Business, and His Business Is Murder!"

While flying across the city, Nova is attacked by a new villain named Blackout, who manages to keep Nova on guard fighting off Blackout's unique Dark-Force powers to allow Blackout to escape. Arriving at school and switching to his civilian identity.

While Richard is at school, Blackout breaks into a lab and steals a stabilizer device that will help stabilize his powers which he was granted after being a guinea pig for doctor Abner Croit, shunting Croit and an assistant to the Dark-Force dimension to perish.

After going to a basketball game with Ginger, Richard realizes how dark and stormy it's getting and decides to search for Blackout. Blackout is behind the worsening storm, which he is stimulating with his powers in the hopes of using the storms fury to power the stabilizer and hopefully cure himself. When Nova battles Blackout, the device is destroyed and Blackout's out of control powers shunt him into the dark dimension.

Seeing that the stabilizer is destroyed, Nova believes that there is no way for Blackout to be brought back.

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