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Synopsis for "The First Night of... the Condor!"

Nova notices a bank robbery taking place, so he smashes in through a window and attacks the gunmen. Unsure whether he is bulletproof or not, he dodges their gunfire and knocks them over. The police run in to find their job done for them. The police seem fairly pleased, but all the banker can do is complain about the broken window. Nova shoots off before anyone can stop him. As he disappears he is noticed by The Condor and he decides to use Nova in his plans. Nova reaches his home. There he reminisces about how he got his powers and he hears his brother approaching his room. Rich quickly changes out his Nova costume just in time as Robert comes walking in. Rich's mother Gloria leaves to go to work. Robert shows Rich his new invention: the Weather-Caster. It isn't perfected yet but it seems Robert is a very smart individual.

Chapter 2: On the Wings of a Bird...
The scene changes to Long Island, where the Condor is flying back to his base while thinking about his plans. He mentions that the only person who can stop his plans is a man unknown to the reader at this point. As he arrives at his base he notices Powerhouse, his partner, is missing. He travels to where he found him last time, and pushes him off the edge of a cliff. Powerhouse panics and Condor saves him. That should teach Powerhouse not to disobey the Condor again. They return to the base. Powerhouse unwillingly dresses in his costume. Powerhouse doesn't want to follow Condor but owes him his life after the Condor had saved him from a ship after he'd drained the energy of everyone on board. Powerhouse doesn't remember any of this however. The Condor shows Powerhouse a photo of Nova, as he could be a problem in the future. They leave for the city, on their next mission. The scene switches to the lunchroom of Harry S. Truman High School, where Rich, Ginger, Bernie and 'Caps' are waiting in the lunch queue. Mike and Donna-Lee barge past them. Ginger confronts them about queue-jumping, but Rich asks her to leave them alone. Mike then mentions that Ginger has more guts than Rich. Outside the window they see The Condor, and Rich rushes to get privacy to change into his Nova costume, while knocking Mike's food all over him.

Chapter 3: The Power and the Fury!!
Nova follows The Condor, which is exactly what he wants him to do. Condor easily dodges Nova's attacks, sending Nova flying into trashcans and buildings. Nova needs more practice. Powerhouse then attacks Nova, landing 2 punches before grabbing onto him. He then starts to sap Nova's powers but he struggles and breaks free. The police intervene and so The Condor and Powerhouse escape after throwing Nova through a window. The next day, Rich smells burning in his house and finds Robert was working on his invention and he has caught fire. It is soon extinguished but it gives Rich an idea. Meanwhile, The Condor and Powerhouse break into a museum and head to the Egyptology department. Nova notices them entering and follows. The Condor and Powerhouse find a mummy; the same mummy that their unknown enemy wants, and Nova flies in. The Condor orders Powerhouse to attack, and is hit for hesitating. Powerhouse attacks Nova with a succession of punches, knocking him into the mummy's sarcophagus, destroying it. This also destroys any clues that could have been used to defeat their unknown enemy. Again, Powerhouse is hurt by The Condor, who then flees. Powerhouse then tries to defeat Nova to prove he's not useless. Nova then uses his plan, throwing a fire extinguisher at him, which Powerhouse crushes, releasing the carbon dioxide gas, finally smothering his energy and knocking him out.


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