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Synopsis for "At Last -- the Inner Circle!"

Rushing home from patrol to get ready for his school exam, Richard rushes through breakfast and leaves, unaware that his brother Robbie and his robot Sherly are trying to learn Richard's secret. At school, Richard manages to just barely pass his exam, afterwords he celebrates with his friends. Richard tries to console Donna-Lee when she reveals to Richard and the others that Mike Burley has been missing for some time.

That night Richard's father is so fed up over his legal problems thanks to the crime he was forced into by the Inner Circle decides to confront them. Overhearing his father, Richard tries to follow after him as Nova, little knowing that his brother is using his robot to track him. When Nova loses his father when he travels through the midtown tunnel, Nova terrorizes his underworld stool pigeons to reveal the location of the Inner Circle's location.

When Nova locates the Inner Circle, he attacks them and grabs one of it's members, knocking it out with a blow. He unmasks him and is shocked to find that the member he bagged is his own father, just as Robbie and Sherly (having tracked Richard to this location) catch him unmasking him.


  • Roussos is credited as Geo. Roussos.
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Rosen pages 2-17.

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