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Synopsis for "Is the World Ready for the Shocking Secret of Nova"

Continued from last issue... Having been walked in on by his brother after he attacked a member of the Inner Circle who learned is his brother, Nova rushes to try to bust up the rest of the organization. He finds that the Inner Circle is being run by his old foe the Corruptor. The Corruptor escapes and Nova busts up their operation before flying Robbie and his father to the hospital and leaving to resume his hunt for Corruptor.

However, Nova is unable to do more than round up a bunch of the Corruptor's men and turn them over to the police. Meanwhile, Michael Burley (hiding since he's been wanted by the law) finds a homeless man in a delirious state and decides to take him to a hospital. While Nova resumes his civilian guise and visits his father in the hospital. There he reveals to his family that he is really Nova.

While below, the man brought to the hospital by Burley is being examined by doctors, when he begins to emit a strange glow which causes him pain.


  • Nova reveals his secret identity to his family.

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