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Synopsis for "The Coming of the Comet"

Daimondhead is back and is trying to take control from criminal activities. Meanwhile, Richard Rider shows off his powers to his family. While at the hospital, the man which Mike Burley rescued, awakens exhibiting super-powers and escapes from the hospital with Mike in tow. Tracking down the man, who's memories are restored reveals himself as the long lost 1950's super-hero the Comet.

Richard goes out on patrol as Nova, and tries to stop some crooks when he is attacked by Diamondhead, who manages to overpower Nova and wrap him up in metal before escaping. The Comet arrives and frees Nova from the trap, realizing that Mike is with it, Nova tells Mike that he's been cleared by his brother. Realizing that he's been running from the law for nothing, Mike turns himself over to the police.

As Nova and the Comet begin tracking down Diamondhead, Diamondhead is approached by Dr. Sun who offers him the chance at vengeance if he brings Nova to him.


  • Saladino is credited simply as Gaspar.

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