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Synopsis for "From the Dregs of Defeat!"

Continued from last issue... Under orders from Dr. Sun, Diamondhead battles Nova and the Comet for the purpose of capturing Nova for Dr. Sun's purposes. Dr. Sun has secretly been spying and learning information from Nova through his brother's robot which he played a hand in giving artificial intelligence. During Diamondhead's battle with Nova, Dr. Sun teleports Nova to his home.

While Shirly knocks out Robbie and disguises itself as Richard to cancel plans with Bernie and Ginger, Comet Man is found by Mike. Comet Man tells Mike about the series of events that led to him becoming a derelict, including the death of his wife and children.

Meanwhile, Nova battles Dr. Sun who reveals he intends to use Nova to take control of the Nova Prime ship in the hopes of finding immortality by transferring his mind into the Xandarian computer database somewhere in space. Dr. Sun manages to transport them aboard Nova's ship and beat him in combat. In trying to probe Nova's mind, Dr. Sun is interrupted by the arrival of the Sphinx who has come to claim Nova for himself.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Art (story pages): Infantino (pencils) and M. Hands (inks) pages 1-10, 13-17, Colan (uncredited pencils) and Palmer (uncredited inks) pages 11-12 (recounts Dr. Sun's origins and last appearance)
  • Inks (story pages) are credited to M. Hands: ? pages 1-3, Janson? pages 4-6, Austin pages 7-8, McLeod pages 9, ? page 10, Palmer pages 11-12, Wiacek pages 13-15, Simonson page 16, Rubinstein page 17.

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