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Synopsis for "The New Champions!"

Continued from last issue... Dr. Sun and the Sphinx decide to work together to reach their own goals, and force Nova to collect Powerhouse for them as he holds a key secret in getting Nova's ship to return to its place of origin. While on Earth, the Comet is confronted by Crime-Buster, who reveals himself as Comet's son, explaining that he survived the assassination attempt that killed his mother and siblings. Realizing that they are both looking for Nova, they pick up on his energy signature and follow after him.

They track Nova to London, where he has gone to collect Powerhouse. After a brief fight with Powerhouse, they are all teleported aboard Nova's ship. There Powerhouse's long lost memories are restored and he remembers that he is a member of the Xandarian race, and that Nova is the recipient of the power of the last of the Nova Corps.

While in the loading dock of the ship, Diamondback has hitched a ride aboard Crime-Buster's ship, and decides he will try to take control of the ship. This story is continued next issue...


  • Shooter is consulting editor.


the cover is a homage to X-Men #100

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