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Synopsis for "Invasion of the Body Changers!"

Continued from last issue... As the Nova spaceship travels towards planet Xandar, the Sphinx is called to explain how he survived his encounter with the Fantstic Four. While Diamondhead makes his presence known on the ship when he tries to turn the ship around, and is temporarily shattered by the Sphinx. As the Comet and Crime-Buster bond, Nova's family on Earth worry about the fate of their son.

Back aboard Nova's ship, tempers flair and Sphinx and Dr. Sun get to blows, however their squabbling is stopped when they are attacked by a Skrull fleet, and they work together to fight it off. With the Skrulls defeated, the ship continues on it's course to the planet Xandar.

This story is continued in Fantastic Four #206


  • Shooter is consulting editor.
  • This is the last issue of the first volume of Nova, the series was canceled. The storyline continues on Fantastic Four #206.

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