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Quote1.png Indeed, my entire life has been aimed towards my debut as the master crimelord! Quote2.png

Appearing in "--The Deadly Diamondhead Is Ready to Strike!"

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  • Diamondhead's Herobots
  • Diamondhead's Robot, The Destructoid

Synopsis for "--The Deadly Diamondhead Is Ready to Strike!"

Diamondhead and his Hero-bots

Diamondhead trains in his hideout destroying all his test robots and other attack systems with ease. He thinks about the only person he fears; "The Dreaded One". This is the same person The Condor and Powerhouse were afraid of. Diamondhead aims to be the head crimelord in New York City. He reminisces about how he used to play the 'bad-guys' when he was younger, how he was a golden gloves boxer in his teens, and the events leading up to him becoming diamondhead: While trying to steal precious gems from a science institute he tripped into a diamond-powered laser and was transformed into a bring made out of diamond. The scene switches to Rich's house, where Rich's father sends him to bed with no supper for fighting with Mike in school. His mother later sneaks up with a steak sandwich for him. She explains that his father is under a lot of stress with his new job as a principal of another school. Later, Rick changes to his Nova costume and flies around to relax. His helmet tunes into the police radio band, and he learns of a shootout at the park. He flies over and gets shot a number of times, and after dismissing the criminals he realizes he is also bulletproof. One of the criminals escapes in a car and Nova follows and captures him too by ripping out the steering wheel and simply standing in front of the car. The next day at Harry S. Truman school, Rich, Ginger, 'Caps' and Bernie bump into Mike and Donna-Lee. Mike punches Rich for spilling spaghetti over him (see last issue), and Rich (forgetting his Nova powers) punches back knocking Mike to the floor. Mike gets back up and chases Rich, where he runs into a dead end and flies over a wall before Mike catches up to him. The scene changes back to diamondhead, where he robs a gold reserve, an armoured car and a bnnk all in one day. He then lets himself get arrested and sent to prison. There, he steals a box which was found on Powerhouse when he was arrested and escapes. Back at the Rider household, Rich is playing Monopoly with his brother Robert, who has won the last 176 games in a row. They hear on the radio that Diamondhead escaped from prison and Rich leaves to find him. Nova is shocked when he hears his mother on the police radio, then remembers shes a civilian dispatcher for the police. He finds where Diamondhead is just to see a man get thrown out the window. After saving him he flies in the window. Diamondhead is inside and delivers Nova a punch that sends him flying, where he has to grab a building to stop himself. He actually feels this punch and realises he isn't as invulnerable as he thought. When he returns, Diamondhead is missing and heads downstairs to catch him as he leaves. Again, Nova is dealt a massive punch and is sent across the street. Nova decides to train more when this is over. He flies into Diamondhead, tackles him then punches him on the jaw, almost breaking his hand. Nova is smashed onto the ground and Diamondhead flees onto a train track. Again Nova follows him where they collide and Nova is once again bested. Over at Cap's house Bernie leaves after a meeting, and Caps gets confronted by an unknown person who he supposedly murdered. Back on the train track, Nova punches Diamondhead, dodges a punch, and delivers a kick to his head. Nova is distracted when his mothers voice comes on the police band again and is punched right through a building and into the sky. A train approaches and Diamondhead leaps on top of it. Nova eventually catches up to Diamondhead, and warns him of a low train tunnel. Diamondhead doesn't believe him and hits it, knocking him into the tunnel, where he manages to hide. He is then approached by The Condor, where they team up to get rid of Nova and defeat the Dreaded One.

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