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Synopsis for "Nova Against the Mighty Thor"

"Nova Against the Mighty Thor"
Nova flies into school as fast as he can as he is late for his Math test: one that he cannot afford to fail. He notices that Ginger is about to get hit by a truck, and flies down to save her. First he tries to stop the truck by grabbing its rear end, but figures out it would be so much easier just to grab Ginger. He forgets to change his voice and almost reveals his identity to her. He makes it to class just in time and sits his test. Mike finishes his tests early and harasses Rich. Bernie tells rich to ignore him.

"Chapter 2: Fury of the Corruptor!!"
Thor flies to Avengers Mansion, but notices a burning building on the way. He lands to see if he can help. He tries creating a storm to put the fire out, but it doesn't work fast enough and enters to save the remaining man. Instead he discovers an evil creature called The Corruptor. His power makes Thor mad and starts to fly around crazily, destroying everything in his path. Meanwhile, Rich and Ginger go to Uncle Fudges where they meet Bernie. Mike and Donna-Lee are also there. Mike makes fun of Rich again and Donna-Lee asks why he does it, saying that he's too good. Mike explains that he's annoyed with everyone always pushing him to be better than everyone else. Bernie tells Rich he's worried about Caps, as he hasn't been seen for days and isn't at his house. They decide to go over to investigate. On the way Rich sees Thor and leaves his friends to go meet him. He soon realises that Thor is mad, however, when Thor swings his hammer at him.

"Chapter 3: Beware the Thunder God Gone Mad!"
Nova is knocked through a building by Thor's swing. Nova flies back into Thor and knocks him into the Harry S. Truman high school. Nova tries to attack Thor again, but is hit by his hammer into the swimming pool. When he hits the water, Nova discovers a visor falls, sealing his costume. Thor holds him under the water and wonders why he doesn't drown. Nova hits back and prepares to challenge him again. The Corruptor watches the battle from the shadows. All of a sudden he screams in pain and is changed back into the worker in the factory, Jackson Day. He realizes that the chemicals in the factory changed him into The Corruptor, and that he made Thor evil. As the Corruptor changed back, Thor regained his sanity just to receive another punch from Nova. Nova apologizes and the two team up to find The Corruptor. Back in Queens, Jackson Day gets home and answers his phone. It is his partner who is worried about him. He slams down the phone as he realizes he is changing back once again...

"Chapter 4: Fury of the Corruptor!"
As The Corruptor, he decides he is to become the emperor of evil. Meanwhile, Thor and Nova get Jackson's address from the foreman at the factory and head there. They confront the Corruptor and exchange blows. The Corruptor finally escapes and is followed onto the street. A man consumed by madness attack is safely contained by Nova. They find the Corruptor with a female hostage, where he asks to be let go, or he will turn the whole street mad. Thor acts as though he will let him go but surprises him and knocks him off balance with a shockwave. Nova lands a final punch which knocks the Corruptor out. Thor takes the Corruptor to Avengers Mansion and gives Nova his eternal friendship.


  • Letters (issue pages): Novak? (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe pages 2-14, Wohl pages 15-31.


  • Anybody else notice the mistake on page 11? The price on the window sign for the ice cream sundae goes from 45c to 46c from panel 4 to 5!

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