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Synopsis for "And So... the Sphinx!"

The Sphinx, an immensely powerful being seeking immortality, has become interest in Nova believing that Nova may be the key to his finding immortality. Meanwhile, Nova breaks up a robbery before changing back to his civilian guise of Richard Rider. Richard visits Bernie who is worried about "Caps" who has been missing. Caps meanwhile is being terrorized by a faceless man.

Elsewhere, Condor and Diamondhead break into the facility which is holding Powerhouse following his previous battle with Nova. Nova gets wind of the situation and tries to stop them, however Nova is overpowered by his three foes and is taken to the Condor's secret hide out.

There, Condor turns his devices on Nova erasing his memories and implanting ideals and an evil spirit in Nova hoping to use him as a pawn for their own ends. As the experiment succeeds, Condor and his comrades are unaware that their activities are being watched closely by the Sphinx.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Cover art modifications by Romita.

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