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Synopsis for "When Megaman Comes Calling -- Don't Answer!"

Continued from last issue... With Condor, Diamondhead, and Powerhouse escaping with technology stolen from his ship that they plan to use to try and oust the Sphinx, Nova finds himself trapped aboard the ship as it rockets away from the Earth. However, Nova activates the ships computers and orders it to stop. He uses the computers systems to check on Condor and his men (who are attacking the Sphinx and his forces), his father, and locates the missing Caps.

With Caps at risk of drowning after having been tied up in a sewer, Nova rushes back to Earth and rescues the boy and drops him off at the Rider hope where he makes a quick change back to his civilian identity. When Caps enters, he has him reunited with Bernie.

Caps explains that his tormentor calling himself the Megaman, however the Megaman is really Cap's uncle Nathan Cooper. Caps explains that during a camping trip, his uncle Nathan fell into a black pool, and (as explained to him by the Megaman himself) and was transported to a realm where he met the Protector. The Protector would recreate Nathan into the Megaman, and Megaman returns to the Earth bent on getting revenge on his nephew whom he blames for his current transformation.

That night, Caps rushes to Richards's home in a panic because Megaman has returned to take him away. Richard, having deduced this as a possibility tries to tackle him as Nova. In order to get Nova off his back, Megaman lights the Rider home on fire before fleeing with Caps.

This story is continued next issue...

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