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Synopsis for "Fear in the Funhouse!"

Continued from last issue... With Megaman escaping with Caps as his prisoner again, Nova is forced to stay behind to put out the house fire that Megaman started and save his folks. In order to cover for his secret identity, Nova tells his family that "Richard" was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation by him, and Nova flies there and switches to his civilian identity before his parents can arrive.

Meanwhile, Megaman has taken Caps to an amusement park and decides that he is over blaming Caps for his condition, but has asked Caps to go to his former wife Clara and tell her what happened to him. Meanwhile at the Rider home, Richard's father is suspended from his teaching job due to differences on discipline in the classroom, and as Nova, Richard saves a young boys cat from a roof.

While Caps has arrives at his aunt Clara's house and finds that she has since remarried, when Caps tells her what happens she doesn't believe him and gets very mad. However, when Megaman sees the spectacle he bursts in and attacks Clara's new husband. Nova hearing of the attack over the police band comes to the rescue.

Tracking them back to Coney Island, Nova battles the Megaman until the Protector appears, unimpressed with how Megaman used his powers and banishes him back to his own time. Seeing Clara's lack of compassion towards her former husband and his plight disappoint both Nova and Caps, decide to leave.

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