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Nova has finally arrived on the Technarchy planet of Kvch, where he hopes that he will find a cure to the transmode virus. The only problem is, Worldmind cannot detect any signs of life anywhere. He then takes not of a large machine structure impervious to his scans. Then suddenly, the machine comes to life, as another machine attacks it. Nova is hard-pressed not to get caught in the crossfire, as the virus rages within him. It overwhelms him, at which the giant machines take note. A humanoid Technarch emerges from the machine, telling the other to stop the simulation practise, before turning his attention to Nova. It is Warlock, of the New Mutants. He takes Nova under his care, and uses a bit of his lifeglow to repress the virus. He brings the human to the Creche terminal, where he introduces his adoptive son, Tyro. Warlock goes on to explain that after his many adventures on Earth with the New Mutants, he returned to Kvch, where he found Tyro. Seeking to raise the youngling and teach him not take lifeglow, Warlock transmitted his non-aggressive strain of the transmode virus to Tyro. When Nova explains about the situation with the Phalanx and the Kree, Warlock can only confess that it would take all his lifeglow just to cure Nova; thousands more to save the Kree. And Warlock swore to himself that he would never take lifeglow from anyone ever.

Meanwhile, three thousand and a half kilometers away, Drax and Gamora have arrived, hot on Nova's trail. However, the transmode virus within them reacts to the planet, merging them with the very metal of the planet to form a Babel Spire, summoning a Technarchy Siredam.

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