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Synopsis for "Home Truths"

Rider is confronted by the Thunderbolts, who immediately attack him. He is able to barely survive their separate attacks. Rising out of the rubble, Rider declares, under his authority as a Nova Corps Centurion, he gives them the option of surrendering. Thunderbolts then become confused that he's reading their rights, when they are the law in the States. Iron Man then arrives, backed up by S.H.I.E.L.D. demands that they cease and desist. He and Rider privately talk in the ruins of his old high school; Rider admits that much has changed. Stark reminds him that he can't just walk around as he pleases; Rider cuts him off, pointing out that he came back from a war where billions of lives were lost. The only reason that galactic civilization is still standing is because different species and cultures band together for a common purpose. Stark says that they are fighting for the same thing on Earth, to prevent anarchy, disorder, abuse of power - of powers. Rider admits that after a war, nothing is ever the same and doesn't believe he fits in anymore. Stark says that there are other superhumans like him. He once again asks him to join the Initiative, even to rebuild the Nova Corps on Earth; Rider admits that it is tempting and decides to let him know when the 24 hours are up.

When Rider returns home, he finds that his parents are angry that he engaged the Thunderbolts. His mother urges him to register immediately and get himself "looked at". Rider becomes agitated, in disbelief that his parents think that he is crazy after coming back from a galactic war and barges out the door. Worldmind then alerts him that a "being of great power" is near. Rider sees that it is Penance, who he assumes is ready to fight again. Penance takes off his helmet, revealing himself to be Robbie Baldwin. However, he declares that both his former identity is dead. He urges his friend to register and make things better. Realizing that his homeworld has gone crazy, Rider decides to leave, telling Robbie never let the government turn him into something he's not. He also hacks his parents' TV, telling them that he's returning to his duties.

Surveying Earth from above, Rider is informed by Worldmind that there is a major crisis on Hala, the Kree homeworld.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and other books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. Nova: Annihilation - Conquest TPB #1
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