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Appearing in "Riddle Of The Sphinx (Part 1) - The Gathering"

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Synopsis for "Riddle Of The Sphinx (Part 1) - The Gathering"

Nova and Darkhawk fall from the sky and land by a skull-faced sphinx statue. When they come to, they see a foe they thought they had long since vanquished: Anath-Na Mut, the Sphinx himself. Darkhawk is all for springing and attacking, but Nova isn't intent on taking an extremely powerful immortal until they know his motives. The Sphinx asks if he, Nova, is ready to play his "part", somehow not even noticing Darkhawk. He warns that the "Djinns" are coming, in a contest between gods. Then suddenly, a sandstorm starts around them, as the sand beneath their feet comes to life in the form of the Egyptian deities such as Mahes, Thoth, Horus, Set, and Bast. The three then start fighting the Djinns. However, Nova is unable to compete with such foes, making the Sphinx express his disappointment and then leaves. With his link to Worldmind cut off, Nova has zero subtle control of the Nova Force and therefore, had to let out an explosive burst to drive away the Djinns and the storm. The two former New Warriors then start walking through the desert, which seems like Egypt, before coming upon a camp right by a pyramid. When they arrive, they meet Mr. Fantastic, who was also abducted by the Sphinx. He remarks that it's good to see him, but makes a comment that his uniform is different the last time they met, which according to Dr. Richards, was a month ago. This confuses both Nova and Darkhawk, as the last meeting was after the Skrull invasion before the former realizes that this Mr. Fantastic was taken sometime before 2010. Though Mr. Fantastic is curious about the future, he does not want to know anything about it, no matter how important the info might be, if Nova thinks it's important.

Putting the subject aside, they try discussing the Sphinx's motives for bringing them to Egypt, which Mr. Fantastic estimates to be in the 1920s. He explains that the Sphinx is extremely powerful, with powers that are near magical and he views time in a non-linear matter. Also, he notes that the pyramid before them is covering a complex piece of technology that Mr. Fantastic theorizes is a chronal accelerator, which enabled the Sphinx to undo and rewrite the timestream, bring them to the Valley of the Kings, and revive himself after his last defeat.

Then suddenly, they all notice the Fault in the sky. Nova and Darkhawk take off to get more accurate scans to determine if it can get them out of this timeline. As they were making it for the atmosphere, Nova is knocked back by an invisible barrier and falls down to the ground. Darkhawk attempts to help him, only for the Djinns to attack him.

When Nova comes to, he is one of the tents, with Mr. Fantastic right beside him. He gets up, concerned about his friend. They both go outside to see someone down by the river. When they get closer, they find that it is Black Bolt, carrying someone wrapped like a mummy. Then suddenly, a giant bipedal alligator rises out of the river. Nova quickly takes off and brings it down with a single blast. When he touches down, he notes that Black Bolt was also be from before 2010, but refrains from telling anyone about his death.

Darkhawk then returns, revealing that he had managed to get to orbit and discovered that they are not in Earth's past, but actually a magical construct.

Nova unraps the bandages around the mysterious person Black Bolt was holding, discovering that it is in fact his old flame, Namorita.

Solicit Synopsis

A REALM OF KINGS ISSUE! It’s the long-awaited and shattering return of one of the Human Rocket's greatest foes...the Sphinx! Nova and Darkhawk are missing and presumed dead-and they really will be dead if they don’t put aside their roles of hunter and hunted! Can the galaxy’s top cop team up with the galaxy’s most wanted to stop a rising menace from the past...and the future? Find out what a huge threat the immortal Sphinx poses to the Marvel Universe, and discover why raves “tightly paced, beautiful to behold, exciting, and fun…from beginning to end, NOVA will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

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