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Synopsis for 1st story

The stage was set between the two Sphinxes combatants to determine the fate of reality. The combatants were pitted against each other: Nova vs Moonstone; Mr. Fantastic against Ulysses Bloodstone; Namorita against Stargod; Black Bolt vs Basilisk and Darkhawk vs Gyre.

On Nova's battlefield, he tried to get Moonstone to listen but she throttled him around. He defeated her by using a compressed grav pulse through his finger that hit her on the head.

For Namorita, she and Stargod were sent to the Floating Fortress of Arisen Tyrk in the Other Realm, where the former won in a sword fight.

Mr. Fantastic and Bloodstone were placed in Vanaheim. The former managed to defeat his opponent by setting off time-delay bullets.

Black Bolt and Basilisk were sent to the ruins of Attilan. The former was more concerned over seeing the ruins of his city and flew off. He then found a memorial dedicated to him, which also said that his wife Medusa died in the Shadow War. His distraction gave Basilisk an opening to petrify and shatter him.

Back in the Fault, older Sphinx pointed out to his younger counterpart that he brought a fifth warrior, Gyre. Younger Sphinx pointed out Darkhawk to him, at which, the older Sphinx finally began to see him. They sent the two Raptors to the Tree of Shadows in Null Space. As they fought, Darkhawk learned that the Fraternity of Raptors' leader, Talon, was in fact alive. He managed to defeat Gyre by driving him out of his armor.

With a four out of five win for older Sphinx, it looked like the victor was decided. Then suddenly, Darkhawk ripped away the young Sphinx's Ka stone, having been controlled through his amulet by the older Sphinx. Darkhawk gave the stone to the older Sphinx, granting him the power to dominate the universe.

Solicit Synopsis

A REALM OF KINGS TIE-IN—GUEST-STARRING MR. FANTASTIC AND BLACK BOLT! On a world of dark sorcery, Nova and his surprising allies battle the ancient evil of the Sphinx, but what are they really fighting for? The Human Rocket could rewrite the course of history and save thousands of lives—including the life of his true love. But should he, or is the alternative too terrible to contemplate? Classic foes, great guest-stars and more cosmic thrills await you in the next issue of the series that Aint It Cool News calls “Bar none, one of the consistently best comics Marvel puts out…Those of you who aren’t checking this one out should be ashamed of yourselves."


Nova recalls batlling Moonstone in Issue #3.

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