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Quote1.png I can't. I can't. ... I won't lose you again! I love you, 'Nita! I won't let you d -- Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Time Out"

The elder Sphinx, having become a giant, had two Ka Stones. With them he would be able to control reality itself. Heroes and villains started charging at him. However, the Sphinx demonstrated his power by vaporizing Basilisk. Nova and Mr. Fantastic asked the younger Sphinx how to stop his older self. The former said that they can't. The older Sphinx then grabbed him and swallowed him alive. The impossibilities boggled Mr. Fantastic's mind. Nova pointed out that Black Bolt can't be dead, as he already died in 2009. The Sphinx increased in height having elevated himself to the cosmic view, no longer seeing the heroes and villains. Mr. Fantastic then figured through all the paradoxes that the timeline hasn't been altered yet, given that Black Bolt is dead and Nova remembered his death. He postulated that since the Sphinx created his magical world inside the Fault, where the laws of the universe don't apply, the impossibilities are possible. Already, the Sphinx was trying to master his powers before collapsing his construction to reenter the normal universe and remake it to accept his two Ka stones, which would only destroy everything. Nova then charged at the Sphinx, while Mr. Fantastic made the quantum calculations in place of Worldmind. With Nova's powers maximized beyond belief, he used a stargate to destroy the Sphinx. With the Sphinx's destruction, his magical construction fell apart and everyone is re-synced with their normal timelines. However, Nova refused to lose Namorita again and grabs her, declaring his love for her.

In the separate timelines, (2000 and 2005 respectively), Black Bolt and Mr. Fantastic have awakened, thinking that their entire experience was a dream.

In 2010, Nova woke up to see Worldmind, his brother Robbie and Zan Philo. According to them, five minutes had passed before they could rescue him, Darkhawk, Kree archaeologists and Namorita, who apparently had been brought into 2010. Darkhawk pointed out the improbabilities in this and feared that this will come back to bite them. However, Nova doesn't care.

Solicit Synopsis

A REALM OF KINGS ISSUE! In The Fault, where anything is possible and cosmic terrors are born, two eternal forces meet in shattering conflict—and Nova is caught right in the middle! With a fabulous cast of guest stars—including Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt and some jaw-dropping foes—the time-slipping saga of the Sphinx comes to its galaxy-shaking conclusion! Who will be the last man standing in the series that has raving: “With intriguing stories, captivating drama, high concepts, and bare knuckled action—NOVA is the best cosmic comic in the business.”

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