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Quote1.png Human rocket, Worldmind. Human rocket. Nothing outruns us. Send out an 8x8 distress. Warn everybody that the Fault is a priority extradimensional threat. And worldmind...? ... Tell them I am responding. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Richard Rider has arrived back at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., which is currently in lockdown. He starts questions Quasar about what was in the Fault and how he returned. The latter is answered that the Fault's exotic energies helped re-cohere his quantum form. However, Rider retorts that that what the real Quasar told him from the Shi'ar homeworld Chandilar -- last night.

Dark Quasar quickly drops the charade and attacks. Meanwhile, Darkhawk discovers a horrifying creature coming through a portal. Worse, Dr. Gruenwald and his security staff, with their eyes glowing red all have small creatures on the back of their necks and they move to kill him for seeing the "Horrorscope".

Back at Rider's fight, he managed to punch Dark Quasar away, before coming down to check on Dr. Eve Necker, only to find that she's possessed by the same creature too. Guardsmen then start attacking him, before Quasar slams him into the ground with a quantum tentacle. His foe then sarcastically asks if he ever had a plan.

Six hours ago, on the Resolute Duty, Namorita asks Rider if he has a plan. He answers that he and Darkhawk are just going to P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and not leaving until they get answers. Namorita is surprised at the more grown up, serious him, for he's different than the Human Rocket she fell for yesterday in her timeline.

Worldmind then begins the debriefing to the entire Nova Corps about the situation regarding P.E.G.A.S.U.S., having gone into quarantine after the return of "Quasar" from his expedition into the Fault. The more problematic issue is that the real Quasar turned up on Chandilar and sent a message to the Corps, explaining that the Fault is a tunnel to another universe, filled with demonic versions of Earth's heroes. Whatever is happening at P.E.G.A.S.U.S., something is scanning the solar system for something. Immediately, Rider orders Zan Philo to remain with the probationers and watch for any activity coming from the Fault. If there is, then he must contact Quasar on Chandilar and the Guardians of the Galaxy on Knowhere.

In the present, Rider surprises Dark Quasar by broadcasting the override code, given to him by Darkhawk, for the Guardsmen suits, freezing them in place. He then blasts Dark Quasar away before containing Necker in a gravity bubble, to separate the creature on her neck. Once it is off, he vaporizes it. Necker then explains that something is coming to devour their universe until there is nothing left. They come close to kissing, before Worldmind interrupts them, informing Rider that there is a spike of exotic energy in the complex; she also reminds him that Namorita is back on the Resolute Duty and he shouldn't kiss Necker, because she is an A.I.M. spy. Taking Necker with him, Rider speeds off for Darkhawk's location. En route, Neck explains that Dark Quasar was using the facility's equipment to construct a device he calls the Horrorscope, but something he was afraid of wouldn't allow him to elaborate on its function.

Rider subdues the Guardsmen and Gruenwald, before he finds Darkhawk tangling with the monster in the portal. Then suddenly, Dark Quasar ambushes them, declaring that his side has already once. While Darkhawk reverts to human form, with his amulet fused to his chest, Rider declares that this reality is under the protection of the Nova Corps. Dark Quasar retorts that the Nova Corps of his universe were destroyed in forty-seven minutes. Already, the Horrorscope has found what his "Undying Lord" is searching for, which he will deliver to personally. As he flies off, Nova is forced to quickly kill the Many-Angled Gatekeeper, before attempting to chase his quarry. He tells Worldmind to alert everyone that the Fault is an extradimensional threat, a threat he is responding to.

Solicit Synopsis

After months away, Nova finally returns to Earth! The Human Rocket and his cosmic comrades Darkhawk and Quasar return home with a dire warning about the monstrous threat about to emerge from The Fault! But there’s a problem on Earth…remember that red-eyed Quasar seen on the last page of the REALM OF KINGS one-shot? A twisted version of the Protector of the Universe born in The Fault, he will do everything he can to stop the warning getting through! Cosmic fans must read this issue of the book that calls “simply awesome on all levels and should not be missed.”


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