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Phalanx troops teleport onto Drez-Lar. One brigade, lead by the Spaceknight Lightstorm is destroyed by new Nova Centurion Ko-Rel. The Worldmind, linked to her mind, urges her to protect Richard Rider, the Nova Prime currently in the state of self-healing at the Spirit of Supremor. She disputes responsibilities towards the Corps and her people, the Phalanx then attack, slaughtering everyone. Ko-Rel attempts to draw them away, leaving only Select Gamora to infect Rider with the transmode virus, accelerating his recovery. Already, his mind has been corrupted by the virus, declaring that being a Select is perfect.


  • Part of the Annihilation: Conquest event.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and other books, see references for info. [2]

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