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Ko-Rel has finished off the remaining Phalanx troops. However, when she returns to the Spirit of Supremor, she finds her entire crew slaughtered. Picking up the holographic device showing an image of her son Zam, she admits to it that she screwed up. She then swears to get back at the Phalanx for their brutality. Worldmind then contacts her, informing her that Gamora has taken Rider. He urges her to kill Rider before the transmode virus fully assimilates him; the Phalanx powered by the Nova Force would be unstoppable.

On planetoid Nil-Rast, Rider and Gamora subdue Drax the Destroyer and bring him in for Selection. Once they deposited him, Rider confides in Gamora that he feared that he'd lose himself in the Phalanx collective. Gamora tells him that the Phalanx has evolved and values individuality. As they get intimate, Ko-Rel slams into Rider. Rider emits a pulse to throw her off him and asks Worldmind for tactical assistance. However, the gestalt refused to listen to the infected Centurion, as he was on Ko-Rel's side. He directs the Nova 0001 through the city, evading the much more powerful Nova Prime. They eventually trick him into hitting a tube full of magma, knocking him out. Worldmind then urges Ko-Rel to end his misery; Ko-Rel refused to be a murderer for her son's sake. However, she is stabbed in the back by Gamora. As she dies, Ko-Rel tries to remind Rider that this isn't him, before saying "Zam". Rider then crushes her holo image of Zam, considering it insignificant.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and other books, see references for info. [1]

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  1. Nova: Annihilation - Conquest TPB #1
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