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Synopsis for "Out"

Rider reflects on his life as a Nova Centurion and as a Phalanx Select, just after he had subdued a terrorist cell on Han-Lar. Suddenly, he starts hearing a voice saying, "Why aren't you screaming?" over and over and the memory of Ko-Rel's last words. Suddenly, deep in Rider's mind, he meets his conscience which Worldmind managed to protect from the transmode virus. Because Ko-Rel gave back her powers, they will have the strength to regain control. Managing to reject the virus, Rider flees from the Phalanx. Unfortunately, Worldmind reports that he had to divert 83% of the entire Nova force just to keep it in check, which means that he won't be able to stand against a single Kree sentry. Worldmind directs him to a neutron star; because the star contains similar gravimetric force similar to the Nova Force, they can create a wormhole to get out of Kree space. Unfortunately, Selects Gamora and Drax are after him. Rider is intent on fighting them but at his weakening stage, he is not their match, so he is forced to listen to Worldmind. He soars right into the star, creating the wormhole that allows him to escape Kree space. Unfortunately, the wormhole sent him to an uncharted part of the universe. Two light years away, Gamora and Drax are furious at Rider's actions and move to kill him.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and other books, see references for info. [1]

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  1. Nova: Annihilation - Conquest TPB #1
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