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Nova (Sam Alexander)

Appearing in "Chapter 7: Away game"

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  • Ice cream truck

Synopsis for "Chapter 7: Away game"

The same night that his mom talked to him about being Nova, he decided to go out for some fun by looking for villains in New York. While there, he meets up with the Superior Spider-Man. Spider-Man then gives him some ill-conceived advice about crime fighting. Following this advise, he goes back to the skate park that he destroyed and tries to be a hero for the people who were burdened with the job of cleaning it all up.

Solicit Synopsis

• Nova’s Eventful World-Wide Adventure Rockets Roaringly Into Our Renegade Spider!

• Zeb Wells (“Robot Chicken”, dressing as Thor on the internet) and Paco Medina (Ultimate X-Men) continue the story of Marvel’s newest, least experienced hero: Sam Alexander.

• We’ll get to tying into Infinity next month, but you should probably pick this one up first.


The initial letters of each word from the first sentence in the solicit synopsis spell "NEW WARRIORS".

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