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Sam Alexander
What do you know about Novas?
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Quite a bit, actually, and we can tell you all of it.
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Appearing in "Chapter 8: Infinity"

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Synopsis for "Chapter 8: Infinity"

After the skatepark was rebuilt following that he had accidentally destroyed during his superhero career, Sam encounters his crush, Carrie. Sam was caught off-guard when she told him that she knew that he was Nova. Clearly embarrassed, he then flew away in such a rush that he made a rather stupid mistake of accidentally removing his helmet mid-flight and fell straight out of the sky. When he awoke from the minor coma he had suffered, he finds New Warriors members Justice and Speedball trying to persuade him into joining the New Warriors. He initially refuses until he learned that they were good friends of the late Richard Rider, who Sam is the successor of. Nova agreed to see what it was like and what they know about the Nova Corps and Force.

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• Nova’s first taste of the power of a mad cosmic god threatens to -- blah, blah, blah... Look, NovaNauts, this one’s huge! Get it before we make a movie out of it!

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