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Quote1.png This spilt beer, it is... it is... it is a metaphor for... for... well, it's got to be a metaphor for something. Unfortunately, I can't think what that would be. I'm not very bright. But I am very strong. And now I am very angry. Come on, super hero... Let's go ☠☠☠☠ some ☠☠☠☠ up. Quote2.png
-- The Captain

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Synopsis for 1st story

Mole Monster is seen riding on a monster through New York City, proclaiming the time of subjugation has come. Nova arrives and questions why no other heroes have come and attempts to take on Mole Monster by himself. Decreeing that Nova isn't a real hero Mole Monster continues fighting Nova, though Nova is eventually able to knock Mole Monster of his monster and into a hole. The warrior Molans follow Monster Mole down the hole, but the monster continues to rampage through New York City.

After trying to stop the monster, nova is hit into a nearby bar. Starting a conversation with a surprisingly calm bar patron, who criticizes the habit of using young superheroes, Nova discovers that the patron used top be a superhero. The monster causes the bar to shake, knocking over the patrons drink. This leads to him deciding that it was some sort of metaphor and that he should team up with Nova to stop the rampaging monster. Using lasers, fists and a bus, the duo are able to stop the monster. Revealing himself to be The Captain and a member of Nextwave, The Captain criticizes the larger amount of superheroes states that Captain America doesn't care about people like them. He tells Nova that doing this kind of work isn't worth it as no one else can be trusted.

Returning home Nova tells his mother Eva about the events of the day as well as the wider events occurring. Confessing he doesn't know what to do (especially since his fellow avengers didn't come to help him) he tells Eva that if he can't find what's powering the helmet he'll stop being Nova.

Solicit Synopsis


  • Nova comes to New York!
  • Stuck between two sides of a war he doesn’t want to fight, Sam Alexander makes a tough choice.

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