The Nth Projector was an inter-dimensional technology at the center of RoXXon Oil's program, the Nth Command. Several RoXXon agents such as Deathlok, Thundra, and the Grapplers snuck components of the Nth Projector into Project: PEGASUS. Their inside man, Thomas Lightener, was supposed to assemble and activate the device to destroy the project. Instead, Lightner tried to restore his former powers as Blacksun with the device, only to accidentally transform himself into a living portal called the Nth Man. Nth Man was ultimately displaced into another dimension by Quasar, the Thing, Aquarian, and other PEGASUS personnel.[1]

The Nth Command would reappear on several occasions using their inter-dimensional technology before being shut down.[2] One Nth commando from RoXXon was permanently mutated into a super-villain called the Angler.[3] The Nth Projector technology was confiscated by several parties including Department H, Zodiac,[4] and later Imus Champion.[5]

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