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Quote1 Keep reading but, read quickly, Lei Kung. You need to know everything. You need to tell the Iron Fist what he has to do. And if you fail, the Earth will fall. And if the Earth falls, we cease to be. Quote2
-- Yu-Ti src

Early Life

The man named Nu-An was better known as Yu-Ti, the August Personage of Jade and leader of the Dragon-Kings, ruling order of K'un-Lun. He had inherited the title after his father, Tuan had passed away but was corrupt, leaving Thunderer to believe that he had murdered his father. In his youth, he fell in love with Shakirah, a woman who was in love with Nu-An's adoptive brother Wendell Rand. Nu-An drove both of them from K'un-Lun and became Yu-Ti, the august personage in Jade, leader of the mystic city, even though that title would have belonged to Wendell.[1]

Danny Rand

Nu-An was still leading K'un-Lun when Wendelll Rand and his family returned, searching for K'un-Lun. He allowed Heather Rand to be killed by wolves[2] and then took the orphaned Daniel Rand, under his care in the city. He oversaw his adopted nephew's training to become Iron Fist.[3]



  • Master Martial Artist: He is a master of the martial arts of K'un-Lun and many of Earth's including those practiced millennia ago.
  • Weapons Proficiency: He has mastered most if not all weapons used in K'un-Lun.
  • Nervous System Control: He has near-complete control over his nervous system, enabling him to deaden himself to pain.
  • Environmental Adaptation: His entire body is oriented to combat, enabling him to adapt to any environment with minimal exposure.

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