Regina Clayborne reached the 24th floor of the Champions' building with the box still glowing. She explained to the Black Widow, Hercules, Angel, Ice Man, Darkstar and Johnny Blaze what she knew. Some minutes later the Stranger arrived to claim the Bomb. The Champions attacked the Stranger. The Bomb activated and started to expand. It engulfed Regina Washington and also the Stranger. Meanwhile Black Goliath defeated Stilt-Man. The Stranger warned the Champions about the Bomb program and its annihilating effects after the Bomb had shrunken again. The Stranger sent the Champions to Kamo Tharnn's world, to search for his Runestaff. The Bomb's dimensions grew, and in a few seconds surpassed the top floors of the building[1].
Black Goliath climbed the building but was sucked up by and entrapped inside the Null-Life Bomb, too. He tried to smash the Bomb with a blow, but the Bomb generated some giant mechanoids to defend itself. The Bomb grew, surpassing Earth's size. Darkstar found Kamo Tharn's Runestaff. With its power and with the Stranger's help, they eliminated the Bomb's expansion, twisting its program and forcing the Null-Life Bomb to expand forever, thwarting the contraction danger. The Stranger left the Earth after having learned a lesson in courage from Darkstar[2].

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