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The Null-Time Zone exists outside of time and is utilized by the Time Variance Authority as their base of operations.[1]

Points of Interest

Department of Redundancy Department

The Department of Redundancy Department is mentioned as needing a revamp by Mr. Mobius.[2]

Departure Gate

Departure Gate

The Departure Gate is transit hub of the Null-Time Zone. From here, the Cross-Time Central Express Railroad launches. [1]

Hall of Chronometry

Hall of Chronometry

The heart of the TVA, the Hall of Chronometry is an infinitely large space filled with desks and monitors manned by Chronomonitors. Each time a new universe is spawned a new Chronomonitor is created to supervise it.[1]

Hall of Discontinued Universes

Hall of Discontinued Universes

When universes are judged to be too dysfunctional, they are discontinued and the leftover detritus is ejected into nothingness.[1]

Time Cells

She-Hulk being taken through the Time Cells

The most dangerous time offenders are detained in the Time Cells. The prisoners are kept folded into minor-time loops.[3]

Time Courts

The Fantastic Four before the Time Court

The Time Courts are where time offenders cases are heard before committees of bureaucrats.[1][3]


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