The Null-Time Zone exists outside of time and is utilized by the Time Variance Authority as their base of operations.[1]

Points of Interest

Department of Redundancy Department

The Department of Redundancy Department is mentioned as needing a revamp by Mr. Mobius.[2]

Departure Gate

Departure Gate 001

Departure Gate

The Departure Gate is transit hub of the Null-Time Zone. From here the Cross-Time Central Express Railroad launches. [1]

Hall of Chronometry

Time Variance Authority 004

Hall of Chronometry

The heart of the TVA, the Hall of Chronometry is an infinitely large space filled with desks and monitors manned by Chronomonitors. Each time a new universe is spawned a new Chronomonitor is created to supervise it.[1]

Hall of Discontinued Universes

Hall of Discontinued Universes 001

Hall of Discontinued Universes

When universes are judged to be too dysfunctional, they are discontinued and the leftover detritus is ejected into nothingness.[1]

Time Cells

Time Cell 001

She-Hulk being taken through the Time Cells

The most dangerous time offenders are detained in the Time Cells. The prisoners are kept folded into minor-time loops.[3]

Time Courts

Time Court 001

The Fantastic Four before the Time Court

The Time Courts are where time offenders cases are heard before committees of bureaucrats.[1][3]


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