The Nullans were a peaceful race of monk-like creatures, and a native species of Nulla. They lived in harmony with nature, dedicating their lives entirely on helping those who came to Nulla for its vast medicinal resources rendered from its vegetation.

When Thanos realized that he was slowly falling ill, he invaded Nulla in the search for a cure. He razed the Nullan's village once he found none.[1]


Level of Technology: The Nullans appear to employ no technology nor industry, or at least not to apoint it would affect the natural landscape of the planet.[1]
Cultural Traits: The Nullans placed the center of all of their knowledge in village thousands of years old. There, elders would pass on their knowledge and the way of their world's medicine to younger generations. When elders grow old, the young nurse them until their death. The Nullans believe that their spirits are absorbed into the soil to be one day reborn.[1]

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