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The nullifier was a new type of missile defense, capable of neutralizing the homing devices of enemy missiles, putting anything mechanical out of action.

Doctor Octopus attempted to steal this vital device during a public demonstration at the science exhibition attended by Prof. Warren and his students Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, but he was eventually defeated by Spider-Man[1].

Colonel Jameson decided then to move the nullifier to the factory of Tony Stark, where it could receive top priority protection while final modifications were being made, but the convoy was attacked by Doc Ock and his men, who managed to steal the weapon and use it against Murray and the other Stark Industries guards. Upon Spider-Man's arrival, Dr. Octopus used the device on him - hoping that the device may short out Spider-Man's web-shooters - only for the nullifier to interact with the radioactive elements in Spider-Man's physiology and result in him being struck with amnesia[2].

Chased by the police, Ock used the nullifier against the motor of their car, causing it to stall. As the nullifier began to overheat, Dr. Octopus understood that the weapon was brought to Stark's factory to undergo final repairs to its isotopical element, so he ordered Spider-Man to steal a canister of Isotope 16 in order to stabilize it. As Ock's secret location was eventually discovered by the military, Colonel Jameson deployed the nullifier to deactivate his harness apparatus and take him into custody, so that the weapon was safe once more[3].

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