The Secret Empire has had many incarnations with various high ranking members being killed, replaced, apprehended or otherwise removed from the organization. As many members of the group have never been identified, it cannot be said with certainty which lived, died or were replaced. Such is the case with the individual or individuals who operated as Number Two in the Secret Empire. As such, for the sake of clarity, all appearances of an individual operating as Number Two has been consolidated into a single profile until such a time any differentiation can be made.

The Original Secret Empire

After Boomerang failed to kidnap Betty Ross, Number Two attended a high-level cabinet meeting of the leaders of the Secret Empire, where Number Nine surprisingly attacked all the other members with a Stun Grenade, to seize control of the organization.[1] If the operative known as Number Two survived this coup or continued to operate in the organization has not been specified.

Government Coup

Roughly two years later,[2] Someone identified as Number Two was involved in an attempt to take control of the United States government. However, this attempt was stopped by the combined efforts of Captain America, the Falcon, SHIELD, and members of the X-Men.[3]

Sidekick's Revenge

Yet another incarnation of the Secret Empire resurfaced roughly five years later. Another Number Two was appointed and as seen observing the capabilities of their new cyborg assassin Midnight.[4] This incarnation of the Secret Empire was shut down by the combined efforts of Spider-Man, the Punisher, Moon Knight, Darkhawk, Nova, and Night Thrasher.[5]

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