Klarheit was a priest of Lemuria and secretly a follower of the Deviant Ghuar. He was sent by Ghaur to spy on Kro and steal anything Kro found in the Pyramid of the Winds.[1]

Kro found a vial inside the Pyramid. Klarheit tried to convince Kro to give the vial to him, but Kro refused. A hooded figure (secretly the Forgotten One in disguise) warned Klarheit that his actions were dangerous. The conversation was cut short when the Eternals launched an attack. Kro was believed to have been killed in the attack, and Klarheit took the opportunity to declare Kro a martyr. In reality, Kro survived and escaped thanks to the Eternal Thena.[2]

Klarheit later retrieved the vial and sent it to Ghaur.[3] What became of Klarheit since then is unrevealed.

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