A nurse at the Riverside Medical Center, when Dazzler woke up at the hospital, immediately she speculated that Dazzler was under drugs but was immediately reprimanded by Dr. Jansen, who replied that Dazzler had those reactions because of a severe trauma and to keep her speculation prejudicial to herself.[1]

Unknown to Paul, Collins was infatuated with him, and she silently objected to his budding romance with Dazzler, feeling he was much better suited -- if not destined -- for her. Collins thus did her best to sabotage their relationship, engaging in such petty acts as coming up with excuses not to pass along a phone call and the like. This had little affect, but Dazzler's own hectic lifestyle caused by a combination of her singing career and misadventures due the presence of other super-powered being in her life caused Paul to break up with her. Whether or not Nurse Collins then tried to approach him herself or simply continued to pine away for him while being a hidden nuisance in his love life are unknown.

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