Nutopia is one of the numerous domains of Battleworld. It's the territory where God Emperor Doom recreated the remnants of Earth-14227.

Due to this domain's proximity to Utopolis, Nutopia had been eyed by the Squadron Sinister to be annexed to their domain. Warrior Woman of the Squadron worked as a double agent for the Nutopians, providing them information to overthrow King Hyperion of Utopolis.[1]

After a failed attempt at liberating the people from Utopolis using the shared power of the Star Brand, the forces of Nutopia were heavily damaged. When Nighthawk betrayed and confronted Hyperion, the remaining Star Brands of Nutopia were notified of this event by Wittland's Sandman. After Hyperion was killed by Nighthawk, the Nutopians took advantage of the outcome of the fight and invaded Utopolis. However, their confrontation against Nigthhawk reached an end when the Thor Corps appeared to summon Nighthawk to Doomstadt.

With the Squadron Sinister disbanded, the forces of Nutopia tried to annex Utopolis to their domain, but they were repulsed by its inhabitants, who preferred to Squadron's regime to that of strangers.[2]


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