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Nyglar is Blastaar's wife and presumably the mother of his son Burstarr. She was one of the few people to survive a revolution led by Blastaar's father, Grondaar. Their son, Burstaar was taken into hiding and raised away from them to avoid him getting killed. Blastaar then reclaimed the throne. When Blastaar comes up with a plan to defeat his rival, Annihilus, she initially agrees. Shes pretends to have been captured and the planet sets up a ruse that Blastaar is still in exile and that he never returned.\. Blastaar then journeys to Annihilus' kingdom, where he begs Annihilus to help him reclaim his throne and pledges that his people will serve him. Annihilus agrees and meanwhile, a fake slave trader sells Nyglar to Annihilus. Blastaar then frees her and convinces Annihilus that Blastaar's people really have overthrown him. However, she soon begans to see that Blastaar has grown more and more violent and realizes that it is no longer an act, so she contacts the Avengers in order to get them to save the Negative Zone from total war. Meanwhile, she over hears Annihilus' plans to betray Blastaar and destroy Baluur. She attempts to tell Blastaar, but Annihilus kills her before she can and reveals that she is the one who called the Avengers. In order to keep up his ruse, however, Blastaar pretends to be unaffected by her death and agrees she was a traitor. When the Annihilation Wave reaches Baluur, Blastaar's armies arrive and destroy Annihilus' fleet, but he manages to escape.[1] This battle led to the people overthrowing Blastaar again for his endangerment of lives just to beat Annihilus.[2]


She has a thick beard.

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