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Mr. O'Donnell was the owner of the Princess Bar in Madripoor. He associated with up-and-coming crimelord Tiger Tyger, who challenged the control over criminal elements in Madripoor at that point held by Roche. O'Donnell was among the few who had seen the face of Tyger - Jessan Hoán, a former banker owner from Singapore.[1] Considering his alignment, O'Donnell refused to pay "protection money" to Roche's racketeers.[2]

O'Donnell knew and was in good terms with other of Tyger's minions, including David Chapel.[2] Chapel was kidnapped and tortured by Roche, in an attempt to find about Tyger. Abandoned in the desert to die, Chapel found mutant adventurer Wolverine, and Chapel begged him to save the Tiger. Accepting the quest, Wolverine travelled to Madripoor and visited the Princess Bar, claiming that the locale was known as the place to go looking for information. At that point, Roche's thugs were harassing the Princess Bar, and Wolverine, in his civil identity, defeated the intruders. O'Donnell initially trusted the stranger, but when the later mentioned his missing mate Chapel, O'Donnell thought that Wolverine was involved in Chapel's disappearance and threatened him.[2] Wolverine's explanation convinced O'Donnell to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him be. Nevertheless, Wolverine left the premises soon afterward.[3]

Roche, mistakenly believing that O'Donnell was secretly Tiger Tyger, kidnapped O'Donnell and took him to his well-protected villa, where Roche's personal torturer the Inquisitor injured O'Donnell to cause him agony,[4] with Roche's vampire minion Sapphire Styx draining O'Donnell's lifeforce.[5] Roche intended to make his prisoner serve as an example to other potential enemies. O'Donnell resisted the torture admirably. Meanwhile, Wolverine had met the real Tiger and allied with her.[4] Together, they raided Roche's headquarters in a daring operation to rescue O'Donnell, whom Wolverine already considered a friend.[6] Defeating the guarding minions, the Tiger found O'Donnell in a dungeon, performed first aid on him and gave him semi-automatic guns obtained from the guards - Tiger counted on Wolverine finding O'Donnell and helping him recover, while she was busy chasing Roche himself. Indeed Wolverine did find O'Donnell and help him walk, but in their escape, Roche intercepted them and apparently murdered Wolverine. The Tiger then beheaded Roche and helped O'Donnell walk away, both of them thinking their friend had been killed - and O'Donnell also believing that Wolverine had saved his life for the second time. Wolverine recovered on his own and visited the Princess Bar soon afterward to tell them he'd be using the moniker "Patch" for the time being.[5]



He was a successful business owner and keeper,[2][4] and he withstood torture performed on him by professionals.[4]

He was seen holding semi-automatic guns, but it is unclear whether he knows how to use them.[5]


He has proven to be vulnerable to Sapphire Styx's psychic vampire powers.



A smoker, he carried his tobacco and lighter.


He carried a hidden revolver in a shoulder holster under his jacket.[2]


  • O'Donnell is actually just an alias. His real name has yet to be revealed.[7]

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