A giant 747 transporting General Su to the U.N. took off from O'Hare Airport and was hijacked by Doctor Octopus, who was heading east, while Colonel John Jameson and his dad were on board, too[1].

Some time later, Kitty Pryde departed unseen from O'Hare airport sneaking into the luggage bay of a Japan air lines 747.[2]

Doc Samson, based in Nortwestern University (Evanston), took a midnight plane to LaGuardia Airport (NYC) there so he could help NYPD track serial killer Patchwork.[3]


  • In our universe the official name is the O'Hare International Airport.
  • O'hare is named after Edward "Butch" O'Hare, the United States Navy's first flying ace who was shot down by the Japanese in World War II. It is unknown if this is the same person it is named after in Earth-616 as it is in our universe.

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