O-Chiyo was born to an English navy captain and a Japanese woman. When she was ten years old, her father lost all of his land to the Daimyo and subsequently killed himself. O-Chiyo was sold to work at a brothel where she gains the nickname "Butterfly". There she gained a reputation for being able to read the minds of her clients. One day at the brothel, a strange Ronin selected her for her services. The Ronin reveals that he plans to kill the Daimyo for murdering his master and all of the other Ronin. O-Chiyo and the Ronin fight until he pins her to the wall with a Sai, as O-Chiyo wants to be the one who kills the Daimyo. The Ronin challenges her anger, saying that she should be angry at her father for killing himself and abandoning her, not Daimyo. Defeated, O-Chiyo eventually realizes that he is right.[1]

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Telepathy: O-Chiyo has the power to read the minds of her clients.

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