O.Z. Chase was a bounty hunter who was hired to bring in the mutant superheroine Dazzler, little knowing that he was hired by the villain Dust. Eventually he realized he was in the wrong to be working with Dust, and helped defeat him and his partner Silence. [1]

Chase was present when Dazzler was abducted by the alien Beyonder, who was trying to understand humanity and thought he could make Dazzler fall in love with him. [2]

After Dazzler joined the X-Men, she and her teammates were presumed dead, Chase drowned his sorrows in a bar and read a letter from Dazzler recalling an adventure he and she shared with her fellow X-Man Wolverine and Chase's dog Cerberus. When a man in the bar disparaged the X-Men and Dazzler, Chase threatened him and made he and the rest of the bar's patrons toast Dazzler and the X-Men's memory.[3]



Chase was trained in the use of firearms and in hand-to-hand combat. He was also skilled in tracking people down.


O.Z. Chase customarily carries a shotgun.

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