Obadiah Stane was once a business partner of Tony Stark, until one day he stole Tony’s Iron Man technology to make his own suit of armor and become the supervillain Iron Monger. Since that day, he has been one of Tony Stark’s primary opponents.[1]

The character is first seen when the Avengers learn that Loki and the Celebrity Five are working on a way to bring the demon Dormammu to Earth from the Dark Dimension with the help of a device called the Dark Gate. They track down the Dark Gate to an abandoned warehouse, but Tim Gilliam and Joel Murphy are waiting for them there and unleash Bi-Beast and Iron Monger to keep the Avengers from entering.

Captain America, Wasp and Hulk fight off the two villains so Akira and Hikaru Akatsuki can enter the warehouse safely. Since Akira is Iron Man’s partner, this means that Iron Monger doesn’t get to fight Iron Man. Instead he fights Wasp and Captain America. With his shield, Captain America is able to deflect all of Iron Monger’s attacks. The villain is at least temporarily defeated when Wasp and Captain America collapse a water tower on top of him.[1] He quickly recovers from this however and resumes the fight. For a moment it appears the two villains will defeat the Avengers, especially when the heroes time limit begins to run out. However, the Avengers' partners use their evolved Biocodes to give their heroes some more time, and also D-smash their second heroes Iron Fist, Power Man and Black Panther as back-up. The 6 heroes are too much for Iron Monger and Bi-Beast to handle. Both villains are subsequently defeated and D-secured off screen.[2]


Obadiah Stane has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Monger Armor.

Since Obadiah Stane is only seen inside his armor, it is unknown what he looks like in this reality.

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