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Presumably the same as the 616 counterpart to an extent. In this continuity, he was Howard Stark's second in command at Stark Industries. However, upon the plane crash, Obadiah inherited the title of CEO, until Tony Stark was firstly old enough, and secondly gotten good results at school. He is an outspoken critic of Iron Man, and wishes to possess the armor for himself. In addition, he has been supplying criminals with high-powered tech, from Howard's vault, the designs of which were based off of the Makluan rings. He has at times showed compassion though, for example, he tipped the FBI off about the hit on Tony, and he deeply cares for Whitney.[citation needed]

Obadiah's downfall came when spy bugs planted in the Stark Industries mainframe by Tony revealed he had hired known criminal The Ghost to steal Iron Man's armor specs. His knowing association with a supervillain made the board of directors turn on him, removing him from his position and cancelling his Iron Monger project. Obadiah, who had invested his entire fortune into the project was left ruined. In spite of Whitney's attempts to comfort him, Stane sank further into madness and rage. His mind was able to focus on just one thing... Tony Stark WAS Iron Man, and it was HIS fault he had lost everything. Obadiah stole his Iron Monger mecha and set out to take revenge, kidnapping Tony's friend, Pepper Potts and climbing Stark Tower to face Iron Man and War Machine. During the battle, Tony was able to get through to Obadiah, reminding him he HADN'T lost everything, he still had his daughter. Calm, Obadiah began to shut his armor down, until his control was hijacked by a bug planted on the mecha by Titanium Man. At the end of the battle, Iron Monger fell to street below, sending Obadiah into a coma from which he has yet to awake.[citation needed]



Obadiah Stane has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Monger Armor.

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