Obax Majid (Earth-616) from Silver Sable Vol 1 16


Obax Majid was a Somali mutant who joined the terrorist group Bio-Genes, who intended to purge Somalia from the United States influence.[1]

Attacking a US Marines compound, they battled Silver Sable's Wild Pack, but ended up cooperating against Strucker and Hydra.[1]

Wild Pack

Battlestar offered Lightbright a chance to redeem herself and she agreed to join the group. When joining the Wild Pack on several of its missions, Lightbright apparently liked the idea of being a super-hero. She was even made part of the Intruders, an elite off-shot of the Wild Pack.[1]

During that time, she had a romantic relation with Battlestar. However the group disbanded when Silver Sable relocated to Symkaria.[1]

M-Day & Civil War

Lightbright was one of the few mutants to keep their mutant powers after M-Day.

Lightbright was one of the many heroes who opposed the Super-hero Registration Act during the superhuman Civil War. Returning to her rebellious ways, she was stopped by Iron Man, Spider-Man and the NYPD, arrested along Lectronn, Phone Ranger and Wildstreak.[2]

She was transferred to the Prison 42 and was freed during the final battle,[3] battling among the Secret Avengers in Manhattan.[1]


  • Self-Propelled Flight
  • Photokinesis She has the ability to release heat, can create light or a glow, which can calm people.

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