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Oblitus is an independent, lawless, space station constructed by numerous derelict ships, stations and bases that were either left destroyed from battle or stolen, cobbled together to create one massive and ever expanding facility over the course of several centuries. The central Command Center is designed to be in constant motion around the station, following a randomized pattern in order to prevent unannounced teleportation into it.

After the Black Novas were shut down, one of the founding members of the team, Adomox fled to Oblitus, where he was able to become one of the stations most powerful figures, basing his operations out of a high stakes casino. During his search for answers about the nature of his father, Sam Alexander was taken to Oblitus by Rocket Raccoon. After infiltrating Adomox's Casino, the two were able to confront the former Black Nova, but while he was willing to answer Sam's questions about his father, he also flooded the room with a deadly poison, and demanded that the two follow his orders in order to receive the antidote.

Sam and Rocket managed to overpower Adomox and his guards, and asked their friend Cosmo to help them recover the antidote. Cosmo entered Adomox's mind and forced him to pull the antidote out of its hiding place in the middle of slipspace, before forcing him to pay Rocket the 50 credits he still owed him.

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