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Quote1 It is my most fervent hope--that it dies today. Now don't think badly of me: I can't help but wish for the end of all things. It's in my nature, my very identity, for my some, at least--is Oblivion. Before creation was...I was. Where creation ends...I wait. I am the Void. The breath between life and death. Between death and rebirth. The nothing--from which the everything springs. This form you see, this throne I sit upon--are illusions...created for your benefit, not mine. For if you looked upon me as I truly am--you would cease to exist. A state of affairs that would please me no end. Quote2

Oblivion is an abstract cosmic entity and the progenitor of Death.[4] Oblivion predates the Multiverse and represents non-existence.[6][4] In the Seventh Cosmos, he was coupled with Death and was opposed by Infinity and Eternity.[7][8][9] In the Eighth Cosmos, Oblivion's counterpart is the Living Tribunal, with the Preordained as their go-between.[10][11]



Oblivion (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Annual Vol 1 1 001

Oblivion is a cosmic entity embodying the primordial void that the Multiverse sprang from and will eventually return to.[6][2] Oblivion has stated he watched the universe get born, struggle for life, die, and then be reborn multiple times.[12] He sees his fellow cosmic entities—Eternity, Infinity, and Death—who came into being when the universe was created as siblings. Oblivion has a very close relationship with Death,[7] and he is purportedly her progenitor.[4] He is sometimes said to represent the concept of death.[8] Just like Eternity and Death have a strong rivalry, Oblivion has a strong rivalry with Infinity, a rivalry usually fought through avatars.[7] Oblivion usually resides inside a pocket dimension known as the Outer Void.[4]

One of Oblivion's principal avatars was the Chaos King, an offshoot of Oblivion serving as the embodiment of the primordial Void before the seventh iteration of the universe began. The Chaos King was weakened and integrated into the Amatsu-Kami, becoming known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi.[13][14][2]


Oblivion (Earth-616) and Robert Drake (Earth-616) from Iceman Vol 1 3 001

Welcoming Iceman

Loneliness caused Oblivion to create his kingdom, servants, and a daughter known as Mirage, who ran away from home and assumed the human form of Marge Smith. Oblivion sent his minions White Light, the Idiot, and Kali after her but were thwarted by the mutant Iceman. A paradox caused Iceman to cease to exist and enter Oblivion's realm; Oblivion tasked the young man to bring back his daughter. Bobby and Mirage returned with vengeance but she willingly accepted him after she realized she was a byproduct of him craving love. Although Oblivion tried to destroy Bobby, Bobby refused to be destroyed and Oblivion gained a new understanding of love. Soon afterward, Oblivion and Mirage merged back into a single being.[15]


Infinity (Earth-616), Oblivion (Earth-616), Wendell Vaughn (Earth-616), and Maelstrom (Earth-616) from Quasar Vol 1 25 001

Battling Infinity

In his rivalry with Infinity, Oblivion empowered Maelstrom as his avatar and sent him his agent, Deathurge, to assist him. As Oblivion's agent, Maelstrom tried to destroy the whole universe, but he was stopped by Quasar, the avatar of Infinity. Oblivion, Infinity, Death, and Eternity then came to a new agreement.[16]

Quasar encountered Oblivion again in the Dimension of Manifestations after being nullified. Quasar was able to escape thanks to his personal Death avatar.[17]

Lurking in the Void[]

Maelstrom returned to life later and came into conflict with the Great Lakes Avengers. During this conflict, Deathurge was sent repeatedly to collect the souls of Great Lakes Avengers who died. When he tried to claim the soul of Squirrel Girl's sidekick Monkey Joe, Mr. Immortal used the opportunity to grab Deathurge, now just the size and shape of a squirrel, and defeat him. The recently deceased Doorman encountered Oblivion, who made him his new agent, telling him that Deathurge had failed him.[18] At Christmas, Deathurge tried to regain his position, but failed the test Oblivion gave him.[3]

Following the Chaos King's failed attempt to return reality to the Void, Oblivion observed a battle between Galactus, the Scrier, and the Other in the hopes that it would annihilate the Multiverse. When this failed to come to pass, Oblivion commented on the ephemeral nature of existence and implied he had instigated the conflict as part of one of his endless gambits to annihilate all existence.[2]

Rebirth of the Eighth Cosmos[]

In wake of the reconstruction of the Multiverse following the incursion crisis,[19] Oblivion's cosmic role was reimagined as part of a new system of hierarchies due to the influence of Reed Richards' role in the Eighth Cosmos' creation,[11] and so Oblivion's cosmic rival became the recently appointed Living Tribunal.[10] Though Oblivion and the Tribunal shared a deep resentment of each other, they were willing to collaborate on certain matters, such as apprehending Korvac.[20]


Oblivion (Earth-616) from G.O.D.S

Oblivion's human form

Oblivion (Earth-616) and Dimitri Krakov (Earth-616) from G.O.D.S

Oblivion's serpent form

Following a Babylon Event from Cubisk Core,[21] Oblivion entered the Library of Worlds where he met Dimitri the Science Boy and Mia the Magic Girl at a bar.[22] Mia had been recruited due to The-Natural-Order-of-Things seeing the hand of Oblivion and ordering the greatly weakened Centum to gather strength.[23] Despite Oblivion's human form, Dimitri instantly recognized him. Dimitri's Thing-of-Order noted Oblivion's growing number of disciples: 22,351 and counting. Meanwhile, the last Cassandra (Amelia Addison) had been having nightmares about Oblivion for five years and entered the Library of Worlds to stop Robert Forson from using a mysterious artifact to cause the apocalypse. Her assassination of Forson failed, but Wyn and Doctor Strange thwarted Forson. Displeased, Oblivion declared to Wyn that he had made an enemy that day.[24]

When Aiko Maki visited the eternal pillars and the great rock in order to see the Living Tribunal, she was brought to both Oblivion and the Tribunal by the Preordained, their servant. Oblivion faintly recognized her from the Library of Worlds incident, which Aiko confirmed. Aiko requested the Tribunal to free Mia from The-Natural-Order-of-Things, as it was limiting her magical potential, but the Tribunal refused. To Aiko's horror, Oblivion claimed Mia for himself.[10]


Oblivion's personality reflects his namesake, he wishes for the end of everything in the Multiverse and return to the primal Void of non-existence. He is willing to do anything to reach that goal and is very vengeful of those who thwart his plans, such as Wyn for thwarting Robert Forson's attempt of destroying reality. And because of his desire to end everything, he is also sadistic. He is also shown to be hypocritical, having claimed to be a god but even though he has tens of thousands of worshipers (22,351 during the last known census), he does not care for them nor grant them any favors or dispensations.[22]


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Near-Omnipotence: Oblivion is a cosmic and also a virtually omnipotent entity representing the inevitable ending of all things, oblivion itself. Despite representing non-existence, he can create to appease his loneliness, including his realm, servants, and daughter.[6] He has temporal powers but not without limit.[12] Oblivion can empower agents or avatars with different amounts of power to act in his name.[7] Oblivion can bring people back from non-existence, but he cannot pull people back from Death.[25]

Possession: If a person is missing a portion of their soul, Oblivion can take control of them, but his possession is broken if the person's soul is restored.[5]


According to Deathurge, Oblivion can be destroyed.[26] When Iceman knocked Oblivion down, Mirage momentarily thought that Iceman had slain her father.[12] Maelstrom believed that he could usurp Oblivion; after Maelstrom was defeated by Infinity and Quasar, Infinity told Oblivion that Maelstrom would have succeeded in supplanting him and Oblivion was too short-sighted to notice.[7]

Oblivion attempted to erase Iceman but failed. After learning about "love" from him, Oblivion "glimpsed a power that transcends and empowers both Oblivion and [...] reality."[12]


Oblivion (Earth-616) by Valerio Schiti 002

Oblivion's redesign and human form

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