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Quote1.png Now don't think badly of me: I can't help but wish for the end of all things. It's in my nature, my very identity, for my name... to some, at least -- is Oblivion. Before creation was... I was. Where creation ends... I wait. I am the void. The breath between life and death. Between death and rebirth. The nothing -- from which the everything springs. Quote2.png

Oblivion is a cosmic abstract entity and the progenitor of Death.[5] Oblivion predates the Multiverse,[6] and represents non-existence and is a counter-force to the expanding universe.[7]


Oblivion is a cosmic entity embodying the primordial void that existed before the creation of the Multiverse itself,[6] as well as the ultimate destruction of the cosmos.[3] It sees its fellow cosmic entities Eternity, Infinity and Death - who came into being when the universe was created - as siblings, and is sometimes considered an aspect of Death.[citation needed] Another being, known as Galactus, was born later, from the ashes of the previous universe and is also seen as a sibling by these beings. Oblivion has a very close relationship with Death and the two may be different aspects of the same being, just as Infinity and Eternity are. Just like Eternity and Death have a strong rivalry, Oblivion has a strong rivalry with Infinity, a rivalry usually fought through avatars. Oblivion usually resides inside a pocket dimension, known as the Outer Void.[7]

One of Oblivion's principal avatars was the Chaos King, an offshoot of Oblivion serving as the embodiment of the primordial Void before the seventh iteration of universe began. When the seventh iteration of the universe began, the Chaos King was weakened and integrated into the Amatsu-Kami, becoming known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi.[8][9][3]

The dark elder god Knull also originated within the primordial Abyss, though while he claimed to be the Void incarnate and could manipulate its essence to create monsters,[10] Jean Grey determined that he was not a manifestation of the abyss but an elder god who possessed dominion over it.[1][11] Knull created the Symbiotes and other eldritch monsters from living darkness and waged war against the universe to return it to the Void.[10] Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, also claimed to be the first-born son of Oblivion.[12] Oblivion also had a daughter, the being known as Mirage, who assumed the human form of Marge Smith. As Marge Smith, Mirage tried to turn Iceman against her father. In return, Oblivion used three aliens known as White Light, the Idiot and Kali to attack his daughter. He also tried to turn Iceman against Mirage, but in the end Iceman convinced the two to settle their differences peacefully.[13]

In his rivalry with Infinity, Oblivion empowered Maelstrom as his avatar and sent him his agent, Deathurge to assist him. As Oblivion's agent, Maelstrom tried to destroy the whole universe, but he was stopped by Quasar, the avatar of Infinity. Oblivion, Infinity, Death, and Eternity then came to a new agreement.[14]

Maelstrom returned to life later and came into conflict with the Great Lakes Avengers. During this conflict, Deathurge was sent repeatedly to collect the souls of Great Lakes Avengers who died. When he tried to claim the soul of Squirrel Girl's sidekick Monkey Joe, Mr. Immortal used the opportunity to grab Deathurge, now just the size and shape of a squirrel, and defeat him. The recently deceased Doorman encountered Oblivion, who made him his new agent, telling him that Deathurge had failed him.[15] At Christmas, Deathurge tried to regain his position, but failed the test Oblivion gave him.[4]

Following the Chaos King's failed attempt to return reality to the Void, Oblivion observed a battle between Galactus, the Scrier, and the Other in the hopes that it would annihilate the Multiverse. When this failed to come to pass, Oblivion commented on the ephemeral nature of existence and implied he had instigated the conflict as part of one of his endless gambits to annihilate all existence.[3]


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Near-Omnipotence: Oblivion is a cosmic and also a virtually omnipotent entity representing the inevitable ending of all things, oblivion itself. He can manifest anywhere he wishes, and cannot be affected by the mortal plane if it doesn't suit him. Oblivion can empower agents or avatars with different amounts of power to act in his name. Oblivion is also aware of the fictional nature of his existence, and can break the fourth wall.[3]


  • Oblivion is described to be the incarnation of the primordial darkness existing before the Multiverse. As per Defenders (Vol. 6) #5, the Anti-All is described to be primordial darkness itself, predating even the Fourth Cosmos. Doctor Strange theorized that the fragments of the Anti-All spread across the Multiverse would give rise to other dark eldritch entities. It is unknown if Oblivion itself is one of those entities since the others draw power from the Void (an example being Knull),[1] and Oblivion is said to predate the Multiverse itself.[6]

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