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Obnoxio was born to two unrevealed parents, his father walked about before his birth and mother quickly abandoned min by locking him inside a chest and dropping him in a frozen lake. He went to live with his aunt in Kansas alongside his cousin Dorothy and her dog Toto, whom Obnoxio grew to despise. During his infancy he began to develop his clown look, which would remain unchanged throughout his life. During a big storm, Obnoxio left and never saw his family again. He briefly worked as a Nebraska senator before they discovered he lied about his age, enrolled in Clown school but finished bottom of his class. he began working odd jobs, including as a doorman to a homeless shelter among others. Having nothing to his name, he considered ending it all until he was approached by Stan Lee who offered him a job work for Marvel on Crazy Magazine.[2] During this time he also ran for President of the United States on a platform that included a Fat Tax and making all the unemployed run for office to give a job of doing nothing. However, it is presumed to ultimately be unsuccessful.[3]

Interactions with the X-Men

Through unknown means he was brought to the Prime Marvel Universe, where Crazy Magazine was published as well and Obnoxio found himself hired by Professor X to entertain Kitty Pryde for her surprise birthday party as Obnoxio was apparently her favourite clown from Crazy Magazine. His arrival at the mansion coincided with an attack on the Mansion by Eye-Scream. Cebero was set off by the mutant's arrival and exploded, knocking out the Professor, who was then unable to tell the X-Men that Obnoxio had been invited. Arriving at the mansion door, Obnoxio was captured by the building's defense systems and was confronted by the X-Men, believing him to be the intruder. After a short fight with the X-Men, Eye-Scream had Obnoxio placed in the Danger Room. Obnoxio held his own, until rescued by Wolverine and before they could continue their brawl, Professor X awakened and revealed Obnoxio's innocence and how he captured Eye-Scream. The X-Men then wanted him to stay and entertain them but Obnoxio refused and left.[4]

Seemingly back on his home reality (though it could still be 616, it is unclear). Obnoxio was called for jury duty, where he stumbled across the criminals attempted to steal the evidence in an attempt to have the case dropped. They assumed Obnoxio was a piece of the evidence and attempted to haul him away, but when they realized he was alive, they grew frightened thinking he was a statue come to life. They fled into the courtroom and were arrested, with Obnoxio being released from jury duty, but became upset when he realized he wouldn't be getting paid.[4]

Travel to Marble Earth

Through unknown means he travelled to Marble Earth where he built his own Funland but it was destroyed during Big Al Bondigas and the Pulverizer.[5] He then attempted to open a superhero themed wax museum but the mannequins were brought to life by Pup-Pest Master and Doctor Dumb in a plot to defeat the real heroes. Obnoxio returned them to normal and then faced Doctor Dumb and the Pup-Pest Master.[6]

Back on 616

He found himself back on Earth-616 and at some point got married and then divorced and hosted children's TV show prior to having a televised mental breakdown. He hosted a children's birthday party which was attended by the Power Pack during which they were attacked by the Snarks. Obnoxio, the Power Pack and a Venom infused Deadpool teamed up and defeated the aliens.[1]


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  • Obnoxio originally served as the host of Crazy magazine, Marvel's answer to Mad and Cracked. He replaced Irving Nebbish around Crazy Magazine #65 and remained as host until the magazine's demise in April 1983.
  • Android replicas of Obnoxio appear as enemies in the Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge video game.

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