The observer missiles were remotely-controlled military instruments designed by Tony Stark to take pictures behind enemy lines. A set of these observer missiles were used by the US Army in Asia.[1]

The Mandarin strarted using an interceptor ray to veer the missiles in the air and secretly bring them to his castle.[2] The army, who were unaware of the missiles' absence and cause for it, called Tony Stark to investigate the remaining missiles, thinking they had been most likely defective.

When Tony Stark arrived to the launching pad used for the missiles to check on them, they were perfectly fine. When observing the performance of one of the missiles in the air, he witnessed as the invisible interceptor ray changed their course. After concluding that the only person capable of such prowess was the Mandarin, Stark paid him a visit to his castle.[1]

After escaping from the Mandarin's captivity as Iron Man, Stark discovered the use of the interceptor ray, and managed to hit one of the targeted missiles at the right angle and speed to make it veer from its course, thereby avoiding the ray. The ray hit Iron Man instead, causing the Golden Avenger to return to the Mandarin's grasps. After escaping once again, Iron Man managed to reach the chamber where the two captured missiles were being held and sent them back to the Army.[2]

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