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The Oceanic Watch is a group of seven Eternals who act as a doomsday watch on the city of Lemuria, ready to take deadly action against the Deviants who live there, but only on the express command of the Prime Eternal.[2]

Most members of the Oceanic Watch are Eternals who followed Uranos during the Uranite Heresy, the first major schism in Eternal society that occurred 600,000 years ago. Uranos believed that the best way to fulfill the Eternal Principles was to scour the Earth of all life except Eternals. However, many Eternals disagreed and the resulting civil war ended with the defeat of Uranos who then became the first Eternal to be imprisoned in the Exclusion.[3] Those Uranites who survived left Earth and fled into space to escape the harshness of Eternal justice.[4]

100,000 years later, the second major schism in Eternal society, known as the Ascension of Kronos, took place. As a result, Kronos was also Excluded.[4]

As more time passed, all but one of the Uranites in space eventually died, were resurrected on Earth by the Machine, and were mindwiped.[4] However, there was some uncertainty about what should then be done with them.[2]

As the brother of Uranos and Kronos, Oceanus, who had committed no crime, came to fear that his own passions might lead him to take actions of similar infamy.[4] In order to avoid that, Oceanus volunteered to lead the resurrected Uranite Eternals. Oceanus argued that, since they had proven their reason was dangerously flawed, they should limit themselves to acting as if they were weapons in wiser hands. The seven of them then took up residence in Oceana, a citadel overlooking Lemuria.[2]

Since then, the Oceanic Watch has waited outside the kingdom of Lemuria for millennia, hoping for opportunities to murder Deviants, and have done so more than once.[1]

During the most recent election of the Prime Eternal, Oceanus did not vote but all six of the Uranites, who had followed a man of brutal vision before, voted for Thanos.[5]

After being elected the new Prime Eternal, Thanos needed to find Phastos who had fled Olympia and hidden in Lemuria. When Thanos stated that he needed forces whom he could trust and who had a complete lack of ethics, Druig suggested that the Oceanic Watch were just the Eternals for him. The Oceanic Watch then accompanied Thanos as his loyal servants in an attack on Lemuria.[2]

The Oceanic Watch attacked Lemuria with their doomsday weapons, causing a massive number of deaths among the Deviants. Once Thanos had found and killed Phastos, he ordered the Watch to purge the city and kill everything in it. However, Druig advised him that the longer they stayed, the greater the risk that one of the Watch might be captured by those Eternals who were defending the city. To avoid losing any of the tools that he would need in the future, Thanos ordered the Watch to leave Lemuria.[1]



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